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About The Club:

     The Road Knights Auto Club is a group of automobile enthusiasts who are dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the automotive sport. The club promotes an interest in all forms of street-rodding, classic, and vintage automobiles. We also support all auto-related activities pertaining to these vehicles, as well as the encouragement of safe driving and proper automotive maintenance.

     By donating time to the community and working with law enforement agencies, the Road Knights have furthered the sport as one that can benefit the entire community. Each September it hosts its own car show. This event brings an enjoyable day to the community, raises public awareness of the Club and sport, and is also a Club fundraiser. The monies collected are then donated back into the local community, individuals, and organizations.

     Official meetings are held regularly to discuss upcoming local events, car cruises and shows, charity donations, etc. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact any club member or message us on our Facebook page.


History of the Club:


     The Road Knights Auto Club was created in 1955 by two brothers and their friends who lived near the race track once located on the site of the A&P on Welcher Avenue in Peekskill, NY. Their enthusiasm for hot rods and drag cars lead them to build several race cars which, during the club’s first decade, were raced at the places such as the Dover Drag Strip. 

     Over the years, Club activity began to dwindle, but by the early 80’s a renewed interest in car collecting and 50’s nostalgia swept the country. Reinvigorated, the Road Knights located one of their original dragsters, restored it and raced it. The club now had a new mission, to promote an interest in the sport through car shows and auto-related events and to promote it with an emphasis on safety and responsibility. 

     The dragster went on to become part of the permanent display at the Don Garlit’s Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida. Now, in the fiftieth year, the Club continues to promote the events and keeps the cars rolling. As the Club looks ahead to the future, the Road Knights want to preserve the cars and their history for another generation to enjoy.

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